How To Transform Your Car With These 5 Car Cleaning Tools?


Car care nowadays is the biggest challenge and with such a busy schedule and confined lifestyle, this task further becomes complicated. However, car cleaning is something you cannot skip as it is an essential part of your daily life. Proper maintenance of your car is the key to keeping its top condition and thus, maintenance helps you ensure safety while you are driving. Most of you spend an excessive amount of time in your cars, and it can be your home away from home. You try to keep it as neat as possible with the rushed life. There are several car cleaning tools available so that you can enjoy a great time with your family and friends. Let’s get to know them one by one. 

Cordless Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuum cleaners are essential in keeping your car clean and tidy. This vacuum cleaner has a 4000PA cyclonic suction in compact form which is ideal for compact spaces for your car. You don’t have to struggle with your big machine for car cleaning tools exterior and detailing as this vacuum cleaner provides you with high performance with a compact size. It provides an easy-to-store cleaning powerhouse for your car and measures 14.88 inches and weighs around 1.45 pounds.  

It is a cordless vacuum cleaner with a washable HEPA filter and a 600ML large-capacity dust cup, allowing easy clean-up of dust, crumbs, pet hair, and allergens. It is an incredibly detailed vacuum cleaner with a filter and a fantastic body. The filter that the vacuum cleaner imbibes is recognized as a leading filter which is often found in large-size vacuum devices. In addition, the inbuilt HEPA reduces the possibility of recycling the debris back into the air as you vacuum your car. 

Another striking feature of the HEPA filter is that it is washable with water for multiple uses. This vacuum cleaner is cordless, which means it saves you from the hassle of plugging in and handling the cords while initiating the cleaning process. It is a wireless model for cordless use making it fuss-free and ergonomic. This vacuum cleaner comes with a micro USB charging cable that plugs into it to ensure cord-free use when fully charged. Your car will be clean and germ-free with this cordless portable vacuum cleaner.

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Plush Car Washing Glove


Not just the interiors, but your car exterior also needs care. Your car should look clean from the outside as well, and for this, we have a unique product for you. With this plush car washing glove, you can get a clean car anytime at your convenience. You don’t have to visit professional car washers or detailers; just a swipe, and your car is all set. Not only the exterior, but this washing glove works well for the interior car cleaning tools

The washing glove comprises a mesh cloth and boa wool for an ultra-luxe feel and brush. The boa wool is scratch-free and is very fine in texture. It is extra thick with high density and does not scratch the vehicle’s paint body. The glove has got a firm grip as your hands fit perfectly into the mitt, while an edge hem on the outer lining helps to prevent any slipping during its usage.

Due to the plush cloth and wool material this glove does a great cleaning job with no soap or cleaners. It works well for dashboard detailing and cleaning. You can also use it for cleaning infotainment screens, cup holders, and the steering wheel so wet the glove with car wash soap and water for a clean and polished look. This ultra-gentle glove is an excellent gift to keep your cars clean and shiny. 

Drill Scrubber Brush Kit


This drill scrubber brush kit saves your time scrubbing your car back and forth with your hands. So now give your hands a rest and hand the work to this smart drill scrubber. This car cleaning tools provides you with a boost in cleaning excellence for your electric drill. This kit comes with three different brush heads for thorough cleaning in any space. The bristles are made up of nylon which is non-scratch and perfect for delicate surfaces. Thus, these brushes are ideal for cleaning tubs, sinks, baseboards, fiberglass showers enclosures, shower door tracks, and porcelain. 

Medium stiff nylon is attached to all the brushes heads, which are effortlessly attached to cordless drills for effective cleaning. These brushes bring an end to the cleaning hassle as they are designed to leverage the muscle of your cordless drill. This drill’s high speed and power allow you to cut through messes up to twice as fast as with hand scrubbing. In addition, these brushes are an excellent tool for a wide array of curved surfaces and corner shapes. 

Compact Car Vacuum CleanerCordless-Compact-Car-Vacuum-Cleaner

A 60W power turbine motor vacuum cleaner provides a stable and powerful 4000 PA cyclonic suction for powerful cleaning. In addition, it has an ultra cleaning power that doesn’t allow any dust, crumbs, and dirt to stand a chance. With all these, this device is relatively low on noise, clocking in at 70-75db. When your vacuum cleaner is charging, the device indicator will use red and blue light to signal the low on battery or fully charged. 

This vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA filter that is washable with water for multiple uses. It is cordless, which means it saves you from the hassle of plugging in and handling the cords while initiating the cleaning process. It is a wireless cleaning model which is fuss-free and ergonomic. This vacuum cleaner comes with a micro USB charging cable that plugs into it to ensure cord-free use when fully charged. The accessories include two handy attachments, including a brush nozzle and a tip nozzle, which help you reach deeper into the cracks and textured surfaces between the seats for better cleaning.

When charged for three to four hours, the vacuum cleaner reaches its total capacity. The vacuum has a standard model that runs for 20 minutes, and the enhanced mode runs for 15 minutes. With this vacuum cleaner, you can also clean your house and offices. Alongside all primary uses it also cleans your sofas, seating spaces, work desk, and much more. This vacuum cleaner is thus a one-stop solution for all car cleaning solutions. 

Multi-Purpose Hose Sprayer Nozzle


This hose spray nozzle cut shortens the work for you. With this, you don’t have to manually soap down your car or home windows for regular cleaning. It comes with a built-in soap and cleanser chamber while offering three water flows settings and eight different spray settings. Apart from your car cleaning tasks, you can also use this hose sprayer for other purposes, such as your garden house. With this, you can customize your water outputs, from watering the grass in the morning to cleaning out the moldy water fountain in the backyard. 

The hose sprayer nozzle comprises a durable solid metal with a baked enamel finish. The head of this nozzle lasts longer than the other plastic option available in the market. The nozzle is made of quality plastic, longer, doesn’t rust like the traditional metal ones, and ensures a better hose connection. The rubber insulation throughout the sprayer head ensures that it can keep up with hot and cold water and do it all effortlessly without damaging it. With this set, an anti-slip hose handle is also provided for an ergonomic grip, ensuring precise aim and control. 

As mentioned, this hose nozzle has a convenient built-in soap chamber with a dial cap, which allows you to customize your water to cap ratio ahead of time for an efficient car cleaning. A rotating bezel provides various watering settings from shower to mist rinse for any task at hand. This car cleaning tools kit has many other functions other than car cleaning, pet bathing, window cleaning, filling up a fountain, drain washing, and much more.


These car cleaning tools are revolutionary products that provide comfort and efficiency. They are ten on ten solutions for all car care-related problems. These tools complete your car care and provide a neat car for you to enjoy with your family and friends. Supreme Auto City has such amazing car cleaners and other accessories; visit our website to have the best one for your car.

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