How To Put A Steering Wheel Cover? The Quick Guide

Steering Wheel Cover

Steering wheel covers are a fast and simple method for tweaking your steerings. Some covers can be extended over the wheel and require nothing else, while others should be sewed together to fit the wheel cozily. To fit the steering wheel cover for your car’s steering, you’ll need to measure your steering wheel first, then buy the right-sized cover. When you get the right cover for your vehicle, you will either need to extend the coverage over the wheel or use a needle and string to sew it together.

Steps To Putting a Steering Wheel Cover.

You can put up a cover on the steering wheel without needing an expert. So, here are the detailed steps you need to follow to put a steering wheel cover on your steering. Follow each step carefully to ensure the perfect fit of the steering wheel.

Clean The Steering Cover Of Your Steering Wheel With Isopropyl Liquor

Use a cloth and some isopropyl to wipe down the steering wheel before applying the cover. This will eliminate any dirt or dust that might stay under the steering wheel cover.

Measure The Diameter Of The Steering Wheel

To get the accurate diameter of your steering wheel, stretch a measuring tape across the front of the wheel from one side to the next. Most steering wheels measure 14-17.5 inches (36-44 cm) in diameter. You will find the thickness and the diameter measurements in the product descriptions.

Examine The Thickness Of Your Steering Wheel’s Grip

Wrap the measuring tape on the steering wheel grip to examine its thickness. Get a steering wheel cover that matches the measurements of your steering wheel. However, most grips are 2 – 4.5 inches (5.1-11.4 cm) thick.

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Purchase A Cover From An Auto Store

Find a steering wheel cover that would perfectly fit your steering wheel. Stretch style covers will suit your wheel perfectly, while stitch style covers expect you to sew them together. There are different varieties, styles, and plans that you can browse while picking your cover.

Look for a steering wheel cover that matches the interior of your car. For instance, consider getting a dark leather steering wheel cover if you have dark leather inside.

Eliminate The Cardboard Packaging

Many steering wheel covers will accompany cardboard on the center. Eliminate this cardboard and other labels on the cover before installing it. The guidelines for most steering wheel covers will be on the rear of the cardboard bundling.

Use A Blow Dryer To Soften Stretch-Style Covers

Use a blow dryer on high pressure. Hold it 1 inch away from the interior of the steering wheel cover. Keep the heat on each cover section for 5-10 seconds. It should make it easy to install.

  • Do not let the steering wheel cover cool off. Start the installation process instantly after you heat it.
  • Most steering wheel covers are made to fit loosely, so you can skip this step if you use one.
  • If you wish to keep the cover as loose and flexible as possible, plug the hair dryer into an outdoor outlet.

Fit The Highest Point Of The Cover Over The Wheel

Focus on the wheel before you begin to install the steering wheel wrap. Slide the highest point of the steering wheel cover over the wheel and pull it over the wheel as much as you can.

Position the cover to focus the crease over the wheel’s lower part.

Loosen up the two sides with the goal that the cover fits over the wheel. Stretch the cover north of one side with your fingers. You might need to pull hard on the cover to extend over the wheel. Follow till the cover completely covers the entire steering wheel.

Pull The Lower Part Of The Cover Over The Wheel

You’ve completed the task, whenever you finish it, of fitting it over the bottom base. Applying the cover on the steering wheel is done. With this, we move on to the next step, sewing it. If you have a steering wheel cover that doesn’t require sewing, skip this part. Modern and trendy covers come with mesh adjustable and sturdy zippers. If you can find one, then great. As a result, it will save a lot of your time and energy.

Sewing The Steering Wheel Cover

Begin sewing close to the highest point of your steering wheel. Push the needle through a current sewing opening within the cover and farthest from you. This step requires someone professional and experienced to pull the needle with the goal that the string gets the entire way through and stops at the knot. Many covers will have existing sewing openings that you should use instead of making new openings.

Insert the needle through the side of the cover nearest to you. Take the needle and string and pull the string tight, extending it over the wheel. Take the needle and run it through the cover as an afterthought nearest to you. Pull the needle rigid to bring the cover’s two sides nearer together.

The string should be extended over the wheel, not the steering wheel cover.

The nearer you can get the cover’s two sides together, the safer and cleaner your cover will look.

The Final Step In The Stitching

Bend the string around the needle and pull it tight. Take the string associating the cover’s two sides and wrap it over the needle 3-4 times before pulling it tight. Pull-on the string after you wind it around the needle. Now, bring the two sides of the cover as near one another as you can. Doing this will tie the string and keep it set up.

Run the needle through the sides of the cover closest to you. Take the needle and pull it from the other side, expanding it over the wheel. Hold the two parts of the steering wheel together and pass the needle through them. Pass the needle further from the next hole to close the loop and tuck the cover. As you repeat the step, you will notice the cover’s openings are closing gradually.

Make sure the thread is discreet while you stitch the covers together, as you don’t want your steering to look unattractive. You can also create a criss-cross stitch by pulling the needle through the holes in a criss-cross pattern. Doing this will stitch the string and keep it set up as you sew the rest of the cover. Not only will it make your cover look elegant, but the lacy stitch will also remain durable and solid.

Once you finish the stitch, tie a knot toward the string’s finish, wrap up sewing, and complete the steering wheel cover successfully.

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