Learn How To Repair Windshield Scratches Effortlessly


No one likes to see windshield scratches. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or old. A windshield scratch can make you feel infuriated. Car scratches are common automotive glass damage, and it is essential to know basic options for repairs. Moreover, a windshield scratch not only degrades the view of the car but becomes problematic for the driver. Windshield scratches can get in the way of the driver’s visuals. And the repairing and maintenance of a windshield scratch can be expensive. 

However, several cheaper ways are available to get rid of the windshield scratches. In this blog, we will discuss seven different ways of windshield scratch repair.

7 Ways To Repair Windshield Scratches 

After analyzing the seriousness of windshield scratches, you will need a few types of equipment to repair the cracks on the windows. You will get most of the repairing tools in your home, but some tools wouldn’t be easily accessible. If you have an automotive parts repair shop, you can easily find this repairing equipment. 

However, you should keep a windshield scratch repair kit handy to repair the windshield scratches, but there are a few hacks that can do the trick. You have the following hacks. 

  1. Clear Nail Paint 
  2. Non Gel Toothpaste
  3. Acrylic Scratch Repairer 
  4. Glass Scrub Compound 
  5. Buffing Machine With Water Pump
  6. Professional windshield repair 
  7. Glass repair Kit 

Clear Nail Paint 

Clear acrylic nail paint is easily accessible at shops, but it can only be used for tiny windshield scratches. When the nail paint dries, it will get hard, so it will easily repair tiny scratches on the car. To repair the windshield, follow these steps. 

Step1. Apply a layer of nail polish on the windshield and scratch carefully. 

Step2. Let the nail paint dry and clean the excess. 

Non Gel Toothpaste

A non-gel toothpaste will only work for minor windshield scratches, so do not use it on deep scratches. The toothpaste acts like glue. Furthermore, it takes a small part of the glass from scratch and levels up the rest of the area. 

Step1. Dry the windshield with a lint-free cloth 

Step2. Apply the toothpaste to a soft cloth 

Step3. Rub the cloth on the scratching in circular motions for 30-40 seconds. 

Step4. Wipe the extra toothpaste away with a damp cloth and use a lint-free cloth to dry out the area 

Acrylic Scratch Repairer

The Acrylic Scratch remover is a solution to cover up small windshield scratches and is readily available at the auto parts store. The product fills up the scratches and reacts with the glass chemically to fix them. 

Step1. Apply a small amount of the acrylic repairer to a cloth. 

Step2. Rub the cloth on the scratch for 1 minute. 

Step3. Let the acrylic repairer formula sit for 20-30 minutes. 

Step4. Clean the glass with a tidy and soft cloth. 

Step5. Gently clean the area surrounding the damage.  

Glass Scrub Compound 

The glass scrub compound is used to clean the stubborn dirt and grime from the glass. Also, it can be used in fixing minor surfaces of the car. It can be harsh on the glass, but if you rub it for a while, it works similar to non-gel toothpaste. It levels the glass and hides the damage. 

Step1. Apply the glass shrub compound to a wet microfiber cloth. 

Step2. Rub the cloth on the windshield scratch in a circular motion with a little pressure

Step3. While you are rubbing the formula on the windshield, spray distilled water. Make sure the area doesn’t get dry while you are rubbing; otherwise, it can cause problems for you. 

Step4. Apply little amounts of the compounds repeatedly in the same way. 

Step5. Repeat the process regularly for a couple of days until the scratch disappears. 

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Buffing Machine With Water Pump 

A buffing machine distilled water can also be used in repairing windshield scratches. Use it to level out the area around the minor scratches. Because leveling the area around big windshield scratches can cause extensive damage to the windows or the glass. 

Step1. Cover the car with plastic sheets and rags except for the parts you wish to repair. 

Step2. Stick one strip of the duct tape vertically on the surface and stick another piece to its adhesive side. Repeat the process and create several layers of duct tape. 

Step3. Now, pump the distilled water and buff out the area until the Scratch disappears. While working, be patient and do not put too much pressure. 

Step4. Clean up the dirt and residue from the windshield and remove the cover of your car. 

Get Professional Help 

If the damage is too deep to repair at home, or if you are not confident in repairing windshield scratches on your own, it is best to seek professional help. If the crack is too deep, you have to get it completely replaced. 

Step1. The black pieces that tightly hold the windshield are called the trim. The professionals will remove the trim. 

Step2. The windshield is then lifted with huge suction cups. 

Step3. Old urethane, dirt, and debris are cleaned from the pinch weld, and new urethane is added to the edges. 

Step4. The new windshield is lowered inside the car with suction cups. They hold them in their place for some time and allow them to dry out completely.  

Last but not the least, a simple, easy, and effective Do It Yourself repairing hack that you can easily do in your home. 

Glass Repair Kit 

A windshield scratch repair kit can be bought online or from an automotive parts shop nearby. It is the ideal option to repair those deep windshield scratches. 

Step1. Apply the rubbing compound from the glass repair kit to the crack. The rubbing compound contains cerium oxide, which chemically reacts with the glass and seals the scratch. It forms a cerium oxygen glass compound which is softer than the glass. Ultimately, it avoids the deepening of the windshield scratches. 

Step2. Let the formula dry for about 30 minutes. 

Step3. Clean the area with a soft cloth. 

You must own a glass repair kit. It’s a handy option for those unpredictable windshield scratches.

Are you looking for a glass repair kit? Here is the wizard of the glass cracks. 

The Windshield Scratch Repair Liquid 

The windshield scratch repair liquid repairs the glass cracks just in 30 minutes. See the magic happening before your eyes just in 5 steps. 


Step1. Carefully remove any dirt and debris around the windshield scratch. 

Step2. Open the resin applicator and use the head of the bottle to apply the formula in the center of the glass crack.  

Step3. Paste one strip of the curing strip over the scratch. Make sure there are no air bubbles and spots. 

Step4. Let the application dry under the sun for about 20-30 minutes. 

Step5. Your crack must be healed by now. Use a razor blade to scrape excess resin. If your crack hasn’t healed, repeat the process. Clean the debris and residue after this process. 

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