How To Wash A Dog Car Seat Cover? The Ultimate Guide

Dog car seat covers are an excellent way to protect your dog while driving and keep your car clean from its mess. If you own a dog, you have to admit that dogs can be mischievous. And cleaning their hair allergens and food crumbs can be tricky. However, most car dog seat covers are washable, but some spills and stains are still difficult to remove. Read this blog and get complete DIY steps to wash a dog car seat cover. 


Tools Needed To Clean Dog Car Seat Covers

Always check the label before getting things like dog car seat covers. If the label says it is ready for machine washing, you can use the machine, but if not, you have to clean it yourself or send some dollars to a professional washing service. To wash the dog seat covers manually, you need the following things. 

  • Compact vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner with a handheld carpet attachment 
  • Baking soda 
  • Scrub brush
  • Washing machine, detergent, fabric conditioner, carpet shampoo 
  • A damp cloth 

Steps To Clean The Dog Car Seat Covers 

For ease and efficiency, keep all the things handy. Don’t worry because it won’t take you much time to clean the dog car seat covers. Gather all the cleaning equipment and get on to work.   

Step 1- Dry Clean The Seat With A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 

Dog fur, hair, and animal allergens are clingy to the woven fabrics. And the best way to get rid of them is by using a vacuum cleaner. You can use a compact vacuum cleaner if you have one, but if you don’t have one, you can also use a regular domestic vacuum cleaner or shop for it from Supreme Auto City. Make sure it has a handheld carpet attachment for easy cleaning. 

Step 2- Wash The Dog Car Seat Covers 

Let’s assume that your dog’s car seat cover has a big stain because of your dog’s playtime. It will help you and other readers understand the process. 

Washing manually: Take the dog car seat covers out of the car. Now with a detergent, carpet shampoo rinses the car seat cover properly. If the stain is not that stubborn, it can be easily removed with a damp cloth and detergent. But if the stain is too bad, you have to scrub it hard with detergents and baking soda. Soak the car seat with water, detergent, and carpet conditioner, and brush it till the stain turns the light or gets removed. 

Washing with a machine: If you have a washing machine, you know, washing the process. Set your machine on the gentle mode and instead of the detergent, add carpet shampoo or fabric conditioner in the washing compartment. Fabric conditioners and shampoos are mild and do not allow the car seat covers to lose quality. Moreover, the car seat cover will smell good for your doggo and you, so both feel comfortable while driving. 

Step 3 – Scrub The Stubborn Stains Out

Use this trick if the cleaning or washing methods still leave some stains behind. Scrub the stain out with your hands. Wet the stains, sprinkle a good amount of baking soda, and use a scrubbing brush to permanently scrub the strain out of your car seat cover. Allow it to dry overnight and clean the soda particles away from a compact vacuum cleaner the next day. If you can do extra hard work, then dip the dog car seat cover into the fabric conditioner again. This will help you retain the quality for a longer time and spread a gentle, pleasing smell. 

Or, if you cannot do this, spray a car freshener with a mild fragrance on it. 

This was the ending of the cleaning steps for dog car seat covers. If there is no spillage or leakage on the car seat, you can clean it with the compact car vacuum cleaner. The compact car vacuum cleaner is a handy and portable vacuum cleaner that can fit into your car anywhere and easily cleans even the smallest dust particles, allergens, and airborne infections. 

We know you love your car and dog equally, so a dog car seat cover is crucial. You can know more about dog car seat covers here:

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If you do not have a dog car seat cover and are confused about whether you need one or not, read the following points to clear your doubts. 

A dog car seat organizer provides comfort to your dog and avoids distractions. Not only that, it protects your dog from sliding and slipping in the car during travel. It has a stretchy quilt space in the hammock so that your pet can enjoy supreme comfort. Also, it has belts and straps for attachments. You can attach it whenever you wish to take your dog out on a ride. Likewise, you can remove it whenever you wish to.

If you want to buy a dog car seat cover for your pets, a cool and durable option is here. 

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Your dog will face no slipping or sliding due to the strong snap anchor attachments. It is easy to install, remove, clean, and store. Also, it has two large pockets to store essentials and toys for your furry friend. It has a cozy fit made from multiple layers of waterproof polyester. Moreover, it is breathable and water-resistant to protect your car interior from leakages and spills. The built-in hammock covers the extra space between the seats, and the belts and velcro attachments hold tightly so that your dog feels safe. What’s great about the fabric of the car seat cover is that it is smooth and durable, doesn’t get torn from the paws and claws, and is very easy to clean


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