Flexible Drill Bit Extension: All You Need To Know

drill bit extension

You may surely have been in a situation when the drill bit you were using was not long enough to reach the place you needed to drill. Many depend on the drill bit extension to solve such problems, as they are the most convenient choice. But what are they actually? Do they have any importance? Are they capable of solving your problems?This complete guide will answer all such questions regarding drill extension. Let’s get started without wasting any time.

What Is Drill Bit Extension?

A drill bit extension is considered an attachment for a drill for lengthening the drill bit. It also helps increase the drill’s reach. With this attachment, drilling in hard-to-reach places becomes a piece of cake and enhances the workers’ safety.

Stores like hardware, home improvement, and even the ones that offer car-enhancing products contain drill extensions. You can also order online for convenience purposes. Supreme Auto City is the best store to shop for car repair and specialty tools. You can even create one for yourself if you have access to a facility where you can perform metalworking. The fabricated extensions are really helpful for custom applications.

How Does Drill Bit Extension Operate?

The working of a drill bit extension is very simple. They work by increasing the product length that assists in more depth penetration in the materials such as concrete blocks, metals, tile boards, and anywhere you may think of.

How Can You Use A Drill Bit Extension?

It is not at all hard to use a drill extension. You must ensure that the device is set up in the correct cutting mode. You can set up it in high speed or reverse drilling mode. Place it on the drill and move cautiously. After that, ensure all things are aligned during the drilling process. Keep turning the pieces till they get fit together into the spot when required.

How To Find The Right Size Drill Bit Extension?

To determine the right size of the drill bit extension, you have to measure the drill bit and subtract the length that will be used after adding the little buffer.

What’s The Required Size Of The Shank?

The diameter of the drill bit extension is known as shank size. You must ensure that it fits perfectly to your chuck size. It commonly fits correctly on this size, i.e., 1/4 hex shank, 3/4 hex shank, and the metric equivalent.

What Is The Fuss About Hex And Round Shank?

The most commonly known drill bit extension is the hex shank. You can find it in various lengths and diameters. Although, don’t forget that not every drill is compatible with them. To know if your drill is suitable, look at its shank size. The shank size is generally located at the side of the drill or the front of the handle. After that, ensure that the extension you are willing to buy suits up or not.

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Do I Need Hex Or Round Collect?

Hex collection is the most common drill extension and is known for its compatibility with almost every type of drill you own.

What Are The Various Types Of Extensions?

Generally speaking, there are five types of drill bit extension.

1. Forstner Drill Bit Extension

The Forstner drill bit extensions are known to be a unique type of add-on. The working principle for this extension is the same as other extensions but has one major difference. The center hole for this extension is shaped so that when you drill, its cutting edge will cut along the perimeter only while the inside remains fixed and not carved out.

The extension is specially designed for the use of drilling deep holes.

drill extension

2. Spade Drill Bits Extension

These types of products contain a cylindrical shape and are long. Their tip is round, and tapers are slightly close to the ends. This type of drill extension is used for the places that are hard to reach for drilling, and it also assists in making the drill hole bigger. The total length of this extension is around 140-150 millimeters.

drill extension

3. SDS Extension

SDS extension comes with a cylindrical shape. On one end of this product, you can find a thin spiral-shaped piece; on the other, you will see a thin hexagonal shank. You can see the use of this model in junction with drilling tools that contain drill bits. Such tools are used for drilling surfaces such as concrete, brick, and stone. The common depth of this extension is 300 millimeters.

drill extension

4. Flexible Drill Bit Extension

Flexible drill extension is one of the most well-known and special types of drill bit extension. Use it for the drilling process to twist and rotate and for milling and cleaning up the edges. With a flexible drill bit extension by your side, you can effortlessly reach the narrow corners. On average, this product length is around 150-170 mm, considering its longitudinal part length and head diameter.

flexible drill extension

5. Extension With Chuck

This drill bit extension works with all types of drills. It comes with an adapter for connecting to any chuck, and this product length, on average, is 120-150 millimeters.

You can form it by using metal. It is also durable and sturdy in every kind of professional environment.

Reason To Use A Drill Bit Extension

One typical reason for using the drill extension is when individuals do overhead drilling. You require a ladder for drilling overhead, and you have to extend your arms too, which can cause strain to them. Using an extension assists you in holding down the drill more naturally, resulting in a smoother and more stable drilling experience.

Also, with the extension help, you can reach various places without readjusting the ladder position.


The drill bit extension makes the drilling experience much better. As a drill can’t reach every corner of your house, you need an extension that makes it possible. There are multiple types of extensions, and you have to decide which one will be perfect for the job.

Buying the right quality drill extensions is crucial, and we are here just for that. Supreme Auto City offers the best car repair tools at affordable prices. Our shops have multiple sections containing car accessories, organizers, cleaning products, and much more. Visit our online shop to check our best deals.

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