How To Use The Intelligent Neck Massager? A Detailed Guide

intelligent neck massager

Who doesn’t want a nice neck massage after a long day? An intelligent neck massager is an amazing gadget that helps you relax anytime you want. It in itself is a professional with smart technology designed specially to lose up the stiff muscles.We sit for hours in front of the computers and books and torture our body posture. Which in turn gives us pain and stress.

We shall read about how to use the intelligent neck massager but let’s quickly look at its advantages.

Advantages Of The Intelligent Neck Massager

Neck pain is a common problem among people of all age groups. Improper sleeping and sitting positions or bad postures during work are a few reasons that induce pain in the neck.

Persistent pain can be alleviated by exercise, medicines, pain relief ointments, stretching, exercising, and massage. But, in this fast-paced and hustle-bustle of life, it is impossible to take out time every day to exercise. And not everyone can afford a massage therapist. However, a neck and shoulder massager can provide quick relief from pain and inflammation at home and offers many advantages.

Here are seven advantages of the intelligent neck massager:

  1. Many people rely on medicines to reduce pain, but they can cause severe side effects. So an intelligent neck massager would be a great alternative to alleviate pain naturally and help you relax.
  2. It provides pain relief and alleviates inflammation in the hard-to-reach areas, and you can massage yourself without needing anyone.
  3. It massages the neck gently and releases stress after a long day.
  4. The intelligent neck massager is portable, and you can even store it in your car for time convenience. Also, you can use it while lying in bed.
  5. It helps you lose the stiff muscles that build-up due to lactic acid. A good massage with an intelligent neck massager helps get rid of those toxins and increases blood circulation in the neck.
  6. Save our unnecessary expenses of massage parlors and take up time for your health. It significantly enhances the quality of your life without spending too much money.
  7. It is suitable for everyone, including athletes, homemakers, students, professionals, older adults, etc.

Instructions To Use The Intelligent Neck Massager

Supreme Auto City’s intelligent neck massager is built from 304 stainless steel, 360 floating suspensions, and soft silicone interior padding to give you a perfect massage like a professional. The sturdy ‘U’ design is ergonomic and supports your neck.

Moreover, the inbuilt heat technology warms up to 120°F to boost blood circulation and alleviate inflammation.


The intelligent neck massager works in three modes: soothing, Vitality, and automatic.

  • Soothing mode is great for neck injuries and stiffness.
  • Vitality mode is for cervical stains.
  • Relax mode is for daily relief.

Step 1: Intelligent neck massager uses low frequency to stimulate the message settings and delivers targeted relief. So open any massage setting you wish for.

Step 2: Use it for 15 minutes a day whenever you are free. It gives relief in one click and a matter of seconds.

Step 3: Charge the device only for two hours with an in-built 450 mAh battery. As a result, you will get enough power to give you 15-minute massages for 30 days straight. Also, the USB cable allows you to charge from phones, laptops, etc.

Note: Pregnant women, people with metal implants, and pacemakers in the body cannot use this device. It uses electrical impulse therapy, which can be bad for their health.

Final step: Relax with ease and turn on the heat setting if the pain is persistent. So that is how you use the Intelligent neck massager.

Now you may be wondering where to buy it?

Buy the most convenient and the best intelligent neck massager from Supreme Auto City. A popular and reliable store of gadgets and utility care tools. We deal especially in car repairing tools and auto parts. For more information on gadgets like this and to buy car accessories visit our website.

You might still have some doubts about the Smart neck massager. So, here we have brought you a solution.

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Q-Is it good to use a neck massager?

A- Neck massagers are excellent for alleviating neck pain. So it is safe to say that these intelligent devices do not cause any harm. But make sure you do not get addicted to the product. Also, this is an ergonomic product that you can use while lying on the bed or simply doing your job.

Q- Can a neck massager hurt your neck?

A- Neck massage is a safe and convenient treatment, and it doesn’t hurt your neck. However, one should always be careful while using massage techniques. Intelligent neck massage is completely safe and convenient. It is a simple machine that operates on buttons and switches off when you wish to—massage for 15 minutes when you have a long working day.

Q- How often should I use a neck massager?

A- You can use the intelligent neck massager for 15 minutes a day on the gentle mode. If the pain is persistent, you may increase a few minutes and the operating mode.

Q- Why should you drink a lot of water after a massage?

A- Drinking water after the massage helps your body flush the harmful toxins that the body releases during the massage.

Q- Why do you pee after the massage?

A- Kneading and working on the muscles release harmful toxins essential to flush out.

This process pumps the soft tissue into the circulation system and heads towards the kidneys. That is why some people may face discomfort or feel an urge to pee. If you feel so, then the message is working well for you. However, with devices like an intelligent neck massager, you do not have to face any such things. But still, you can follow the process for optimum results.

Q- How do you massage a stiff neck by yourself?

A- Lower your shoulder a bit apart from the ears. Straighten out posture, neck, and back. Now, feel the painful areas of the neck and press gently with your fingers. Gently move your fingers in circular minions around the neck and repeat for 3 to 5 minutes.

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