Sleek And Sturdy Cup Holder Wireless Charger For Cars

cup holder wireless charger

Hey, car lovers, in this blog, we will tell you about the best gadget and accessories for your car. An accessory is portable and small enough to fit on the car’s dashboard. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to this amazing gadget. Cup Holder Wireless Charger is a sleek, stylish, and sturdy gadget that can charge four devices simultaneously. It’s the perfect addition to your cars and your lives. Know more about its outstanding features and benefits in detail in this blogpost.Supreme Auto City is an auto part, car speciality, and repairing tools store. And, we have the spectacular Cup Holder Wireless Charger for on-the-go convenience. Scroll ahead and follow us till the end to check out reviews for this product if you want to buy it.

Cup Holder Wireless Charger: Features And Advantages

Measuring just 4.3 x 3.4 x 3.2in / 110 x 88 x 82mm, this cup holder charger is made of strong and durable materials. It’s a compact snug-fit cup holder charger that sits quietly in your car’s adapter. It features different USB ports to charge your and your friend’s devices, and it can charge four devices simultaneously, including 1 AirPods, three phones, or vice versa. You just have to insert the devices in the cup holder charger slots.

You can charge your smartphones and Airpods while keeping them within your reach while traveling. Also, the cup holder charger is compatible with almost all cars and adapter designs. It has an in-built cooling fan to protect your devices from overheating.

Cup Holder Wireless Charger

We present the features and advantages of the Cup holder wireless charger in detail.

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Qi Wireless Charging Capability

The cup holder charger automatically charges your Qi-enabled phone and AirPods. And it is compatible with almost all the smartphones that support the QI standards for wireless charging. Also, it charges and supports Apple AirPods or in-ear headphones. So, if your family has different phones and devices, you can charge them with this gadget. You don’t have to carry multiple charges to a family gathering or vacation. Just carry the cup holder charger and experience the ultimate charging experience.

4-in-1 Car Charging Station

It is a Qi-enabled cup holder phone charger that charges your devices instantly. Plus, it charges Apple AirPods directly or with a charger. It has 2Xdual USB slots to charge multiple devices at once. This gadget is awesome for trips and long drives when you forget to carry your charger and run from one outlet to another in the hope of charging your phone. You must know how essential it is for phones to remain fully charged on the trips; otherwise, there’s no fun. Enjoy unlimited selfies and songs without worrying about your phone’s charging.

10W Safe And Fast Charging

Charge your device by inserting it into the cup holder charger. This cup holder charger is compatible with 5W, 7.5W, and 10W modes of charging. Keep your smartphones and Airpods in till they are fully charged and get fast and stable charging while driving.

Fast Heat Dissipation

The smart airflow design of this cup holder charger and low-noise big power fan allows you to charge devices without making them heat. It works with a low temperature and has a higher charging efficiency. Also, it has an in-built cooling fan for fast heat dissipation and protection from overheating when charging. You would not find anything better than charging your devices without heating them. Whether at the home office or in your car, you can instantly enjoy scrolling through your newsfeed after charging your phone.

A Low Noise Beautiful Cup

This cup holder charger’s sleek, stylish design has the right shape to fit your dashboards and car adapters. You can also carry it easily to multiple places, and it doesn’t make any noise, so that you can enjoy smooth rides.

Let’s hear what the users of Supreme Auto City have to say about this great product.

Reviews Of Cup Holder Car Charger

Note that we have gathered all these reviews from our website, and they are real users of the cup holder car charger.

“It’s pretty good, and I like that it is sturdy and stylish. I use it to charge my Pixel 3 XL. The cup holder charger has a moving clip inside that locks the devices in place. My thin MOFI case on the phone also fits into the cup holder charger. Also, the placement of the power cable is perfectly located on the top for absolute convenience.”

  • Britney

“This is a great wireless cup holder charger. It solves the issues with the vent and flat chargers that are often unsteady in a moving car. You don’t have to fear that your phone can drop when driving. The installation is easy and quick. Just plug the cup holder charger into your car’s cigarette lighter socket. (an extension is provided for cup holders like the one in my Volt). Then keep the phone in the slot on the car cup holder. No-fuss and no confusion, and it works like a charm every time. When I used to plug my phone into the charging vent, I was constantly replacing and untangling each time the cables got tangled. This cup holder charger model solved that problem completely. Also, my USB cables are mostly connected to music flash drives, so phones being plugged into the cigarette lighter socket frees up the USB space.”

  • Stephan

“I am very happy because I received the order today. I am satisfied with the fast shipment. Also, I am pleased with the car cup holder. The quality is good, and it fits right in my small car. The appearance is excellent, and I would order more car accessories from this site. I will refer this cup holder wireless charger to all my friends and family. And, I must say this is the first time I received what I ordered without having to compromise on the quality.”

  • Rebecca

“Works great for trips and carpools with friends. My wife’s Pixel 3 fits right into the slot, and she loves this device. We use it to charge our AirPods and phones. The other day we were traveling with our kids, and we enjoyed ourselves without worrying about the phone’s batteries. This cup holder phone charger lets you listen to multiple songs on the smart Bluetooth. I bought that one from Supreme Auto City, and it’s working well. “

  • Ryan

“I bought this cup holder car charger for my sister on her birthday, she loves it, and now she is obsessed with car accessories. Supreme Auto City is our all-time favorite destination to buy car accessories. We also bought a dog car seat cover from here, which our dog likes. We take our dog on every trip. So, thanks to this convenience store. “

  • Andrew

We hope you have read all the features and reviews, and now you are all pumped to buy this great gadget. So take the first step, visit our store and check out the amazing cup holder wireless charger. You know all its best features and outstanding benefits, so you just have to add it to the cart. You won’t regret shopping from Supreme Auto City as it is the best car auto parts and utility store. You will find all kinds of car accessories, car repairing, and specialty tools here. So purchase as many gifts as possible or treat yourself to the most convenient gadgets, organizers, and cleaners.

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