Wipe Down Your Old Car Seats With The Best Leather Cleaning Products


Are your leather car seats damaged? Fortunately, you can repair those damages all by yourself. With simple products and techniques, you can fix small cracks and holes in the leather seats. Besides, who wants to spend a lot of money on these little tasks? Restoration done by professionals can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the car, materials, and time to complete your work. Restoration with off-the-shelf products can only reduce the cost to a few hundred bucks. You can restore your old leather car seats into new ones with this guide. Read the dos and don’ts of repairing old leather car seats.  

Step By Step Tips To Restore Your Car Seat 

Here are some of the quick restoration tips that can give a completely new look to your car: 

Step 1 

Choose a repair kit with the same color as your car seat. For this purpose, you have to check and compare several cleaning sets to find the matching color. This step is difficult but very crucial. 

Step 2

Get your car cleaning kit to repair the seat. However, you should clean the seat first. Use mild soap, water, and a damp cloth for cleaning purposes. Let the leather car seat dry well. Trim the ragged edges. If the edge or threads around the tear is curling, use a scissor to cut it. 

Step 3 

Glue the torn part of your car seat with the help of a cloth piece. Insert the cloth piece under the torn piece or hole and fix it precisely as it covers the damage. Let the glue dry out completely. 

Build layers of leather filler by using a palette knife. Spread the leather filler into the backing cloth under the edges of the damaged part. Allow every layer to dry before applying another, and keep building the layers until they overlap the leather car seat.   

Step 4

Once the layers are built, use fine-grit sandpaper to sand down the topmost layer of the car seat. You can stop rubbing when the layers are in the leather. Use a sanding block rather than sanding paper. Do your best to sand down the layers of the car seat. Wipe down the car seat with a damp and clean cloth gently. Remove all the dirt on the seat and allow the seat to dry out. 

Step 5

Apply the color to the leather car seat with a clean cloth and rub off the colorant into the area where you applied clothing layers. You must repeat the process until the layers match the current car seat leather and camouflage damage. Now cover the area with a leather sealant and a clean cloth to prevent the colorant from rubbing off. Allow it to dry out completely.  

Step 6 

Choose a patch that matches your car seat. You will get the extra patch from the piece of upholstery under the frame. Cut the patch according to the size of the damaged area. Use sharp scissors to cut the patch and check whether it covers the damaged part or not. If not, use a big-sized patch.

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Step 7 

Put the wax paper behind the tear or hole so that the glue does not harden the foam interior of the car seat. Attach the patch with a leather adhesive to the edges of the patch. Gently press the patch over the tear or hole and make sure it covers the damaged part completely and blends with the leather. Finish off with liquid leather. First, you have to get liquid leather that matches the car seat. Send a piece of the leather patch to the store or tell them the color code. When you get the right leather shade, test it in a little spot before applying it. Adjust the color with the toner for the perfect match. 

Step 8 

Scrub the car seat, remove all dirt and debris using a mild solution like Isopropyl, and then wipe the seat again. You can even use a car cleaning gel for this purpose. Leave it to dry for some time. Dilute the liquid leather with 30% water and rub it on the cracks and creases. Clean the car seat with a wettish cloth till the product is removed, which is left in the cracks. Let the liquid leather dry and apply a second coat to make the color strong. Once the area is dried, apply another layer of liquid leather onto the whole seat to make sure the car seat looks uniform from all sides. Make sure the repaired part is unnoticeable. 

Step 9 

Use a smooth cloth to apply the leather conditioner and let the liquid leather conditioner dry. The dried liquid leather prevents it from cracking. Use car cleaning wipes to clean your whole car once the seat is dried.  

Now, your leather car seat is restored into a new one.  

Dos And Don’ts Of Repairing The Car Seat 

People might observe the first thing while entering a car is its interior. There are wide options of leather pricing from low to high. Also, there is a wide range of styles offering different comfort levels. So, while cleaning the car seat, you have to take certain precautions. First, test your cleaner in a small selective part of your seat to check the product’s reaction to the leather. Secondly, vacuum your seats so that the dirt and debris do not interfere during car cleaning. While repairing, do not apply the solution directly to the seats. Rather, dip a microfiber cloth into the cleaning solution and apply it.

Once you have done the task mentioned above, carefully start cleaning the small sections of the seat slowly. Remember to take a non-toxic cleaning solution for this purpose. You can even consider using premium quality leather conditioner to polish your car seats. Apply the solution onto the seats and let them absorb the solution completely. While cleaning the car, opt for a soft bristle toothbrush. The final point is to make sure that you purchase the right products. A car should be cleaned every month and conditioned three times a year. 

Tips To Protect Car Seat From Damage 

Read the following tips carefully to protect your car seat from any damage further:

  • Direct harsh heat and sunlight cause fading and cracking of the leather. To protect your car from further damage, put a windshield on your windows to avoid direct sunlight and heat.
  • Another thing to remember is that the leather dries out, so wipe down your car seat every six months with a soft cloth and conditioner in circular motions. 
  • Use a car seat cover to cover your car seat while taking your pet on a ride.
  • Avoid sharp objects like keys, tools, and knives on the car seat. Use car organizers to keep your stuff safe and protect your whole car from getting damaged and messy.
  • Use your best car cleaning hacks to keep the car neat and clean.  

With the above tips, you will be able to keep your car seat protected. 

Buy The Best Leather Repair Gel 

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