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Car phone holders are not just for Uber drivers. These life-saving inventions are essential for everyone who drives. We use our phones more than we think we do in our cars. We use them for texting, calling, navigation, playing songs, etc. A car phone holder offers numerous benefits that a driver can enjoy. 

We have a smart invention to help you make your driving smooth. However, we can pull over and use the phones, but still, many people do not do it. Surely people are looking for a solution not to disturb their driving if they get a call. Are you the one relating to this problem? 

Discover two remarkable phone holders for a safer and smooth driving experience. 

Suction Cup Dashboard Phone Holder Mount

This is a premium, stronghold phone holder, and you can entirely rely on it for texting, calling, and watching directions. It is designed especially for cars, trucks, and vans. Now follow navigation with ease and keep all phone notifications while driving. This phone holder levels down the suction cup for secure adhesion. You can rotate it anyway with its 360-degree positioning, and the arm rotates 270 degrees back and forth for correct angling. What’s great about this phone holder is that it can carry any smartphone ranging from sizes 4″ to 6″. This means that it works for all kinds of brands of smartphones.

suctionSuction Cup Dashboard Phone Holder Mount-cup-dashboard-phone-holder-mount


Magnetic Wireless Charging Phone Holder

Here is another incredible phone holder with unique features. This car phone holder magnetic charges your phone while holding the phone tightly. It is wireless, so you get a wireless charging option. Claw-clip design ensures a sturdy and stronghold onto any air vent in the car interior. For this purpose, a nut lock allows easy tightening and loosening of the perfect grip to hold your phone effortlessly. To clarify, this phone holder needs a magnetic phone case to do its job. Its magnetic functions won’t work if you use a magnetic cover with your phone. It has 360-degree swivel support to view the navigation in portrait mode. You can set the phone on the holder according to your preference. This versatile and convenient car phone holder charger gives a stronghold and sleek modern magnetic finish. Also, it eliminates the inconvenience of charging with charging buds and a power bank. Save your car space and money with this smart car gadget. 

Magnetic Wireless Charging Phone Holder

Ultra Smart Magnetic Car Phone Holder

Here is another fancy yet convenient car holder for popsocket that helps you avoid every bump on the road. Keep your phone safe from sliding and dropping with this versatile solution. A two-way magnetic adhesive plate sticks on the pop socket or magnetic holder strip. The closed magnetic field between the phone holder and the phone will not affect your signal. Instead, the 0.4 mm thick silica gel gives a super strong hold to your phone. What’s great about this phone holder is that it is not confined to being attached to the air vents. You can stick it in your car from the dashboard, window, kitchen slab, or refrigerator anywhere. The ultra-slim magnetic body gives a stronghold to protect your phone from every road bump and turn. Moreover, it can hold any phone or tab with a case and weight of 33oz to 930g. 


Why Do You Need A Phone Holder?

We need a car phone holder for so many reasons. Their advantages are endless; however, you can read ahead and clear your mind if you are confused.  

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Effective Hands-Free Communication 

Whether you’re talking to colleagues, friends, or family, communication is still one of the most common uses people use phones for. While many people may use a Bluetooth headset or earbuds to make and receive calls, having your cellphone placed before you let you see it. However, you can do this hands-free with the help of a car phone holder. It keeps your phone in a convenient place where it is easily visible. – something you can’t do if it’s in your pocket or purse. With a car phone holder, you may check in to your phone and still stay safe. No more pulling over the car and phone fumbling, worse, having an accident because you were distracted.

Better Navigation 

In earlier times, practically almost everyone had a satellite navigation system installed in their cars. But, people today have navigation software at their fingertips, which is reliable and updated in real-time, thanks to mobile devices. With a car phone holder on the dashboard, you can see your phone’s directions and traffic delays.

Good For Entertainment 

Long journeys can be dull and unpleasant, so a car phone holder safely and conveniently lets you access a comprehensive collection of songs and podcasts and makes your car rides enjoyable. Also, they are your best buddies to film Tik Toks and videos while enjoying and lip-syncing to the music. 

Effectively Charges The Phone 

Using the smartphone for navigation and entertainment can instantly drain its battery. And you want it to be fully charged to rushing from meetings to classes. The good news is with a phone car holder, you don’t have to waste time searching for the charging cables. Because the car phone holder lets you quickly charge the phone while carrying your phone. 

Fewer Distractions 

Some people might think that having your phone mounted on the windshield or dashboard may distract you. Logically, it is the opposite. When you get a notification of a call or message on your smartphone, you can check who it’s from right away; you can decide whether you want to take it or check later. You can multitask at one time, for example, looking at your google maps while listening to music, podcasts, or audio instructions. Significantly, you won’t be tempted to pick up the phone randomly. Also, it avoids sliding and dropping your phone from every road bump and turn. 

These were some fantastic must-have phone car holders and their advantages. To buy these car phone holders, you can visit Supreme Auto City. We are a trusted and popular store for car accessories and essential tools. You will find every repair, cleaning tool, and utility care on our website, from vacuum cleaners, car humidifiers, organizers, and car phone holders. So, quickly go to our store and select the best convenient accessories. 

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