Best Car Leather Repair Gel That Fixes Damages Like A Pro

leather repair gel

Do you know you can fix minor damages in your car seat with a leather repair gel? If you are someone who believes in Do It Yourself, DIY, and cannot see even minor scratches in your favorite car, then this blog is for you. Here you will learn to repair your car seat with an efficient repairing tool.

Steps To Repair Your Leather Car Seat

Here is a step-by-step quick restoration tutorial that will change the whole look of your car seat.

Step 1

The first and the most important step is choosing a repair kit with the same color as your car seat. You have to browse and compare several cleaning sets and find the matching color for starters.

Step 2

Now the second step requires you to get a car cleaning kit. To repair the seat, you should clean the car seat first. Use a mild soap, water, and a damp cloth to clean your car seat. Secondly, let the car seat dry well. When the seat is clean and dry, trim the ragged edges of the damaged area. If the edges or threads around the torn part are curling, use a sharp scissor to cut them.

Step 3

After this step, you have to glue the torn part of the car seat with the help of a small cloth piece. Insert the piece of cloth under the damaged part or hole and fix it properly as it should cover the damage. Allow the glue to dry out completely.

Use a palette knife and build layers of leather filling. Expand the leather filler into the backing cloth and under the edges of the torn part. Allow each layer of leather to dry before applying another layer. Keep on building the layers till they overlap your car seat.

Step 4

Once these delicate layers are built, use fine-grit sandpaper and sand down the uppermost layer of the car seat. Try your best to sand down the layers of the car seat precisely. You have to stop rubbing when the layers are leveled in the car seat. You can even use a sanding block instead of sanding paper. Now, wipe down the car seat gently with a clean damp cloth. Clean till you remove all the dirt on the car seat and allow it to dry out.

Step 5

Now comes the part where you will paint the car seat with a clean cloth. Rub off-color into the area where you built layers of clothing. You have to repeat the process until the color of the layers matches the current car seat and camouflages the damage. Now you have to cover the damaged area with a leather sealant. Clean with a cloth to prevent the color from rubbing off and let it dry out entirely.

Step 6

Select the patch that matches your car seat. Get additional patches from the padding under the frame. Cut the patch as per the size of the damaged area. Cut the patch with sharp scissors and make sure it covers the damaged area. If not, use a large format patch.

Step 7

Place waxed paper behind a crevice or hole to prevent the adhesive from hardening the inside of the car seat foam. Attach the patch to the edge of the patch using leather glue. Gently press the patch into the crevice or hole to completely cover the damaged area and make sure it melts into the leather. Finish off with the advanced leather repair gel and fix the damages. First, you need to get liquid leather to match your car seat. Please send the leather patch to the store or give the color code. Test it in a small area before applying once you have found the right shade of leather. Match the color to the toner so that it matches exactly.

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Step 8

Rub the car seat, remove all dirt and debris with a gentle solution such as isopropyl, and wipe the seat again. Let it dry for a while. Dilute liquid leather with 30% water and rub it on cracks and wrinkles. Clean the car seat with a wet cloth until the product left in the gap is removed. Dry the liquid leather and apply a second coat to darken it. Once the area is dry, reapply liquid leather over the seat so that the car seat is consistently visible from all sides. Make sure you cannot see the repaired part.

Step 9

Dry liquid leather prevents tearing. Apply leather care with a soft cloth and let the liquid leather care dry. Once the seat is dry, use a car cleaning wipe to clean the entire car.

This will transform your old car seat into a new one.

We are sure you are curious to know where to buy the best leather repair gel? No worries, we will give you the solution before ending the blog.

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