6 Amazing Car Accessories That Will Blow Your Mind


It’s not necessary to have an audio or a BMW to get the premium feel; instead, there are many cool car accessories available out there to give you that ultimate car feel. You can make your car a worthy ride by adding these little car gadgets. With the advent of new technologies and the evolving driving experience, many different automotive companies create convenient and innovative products. For your convenience, we have filtered out some of the most striking and fantastic car accessories for your car. These car accessories are not only for high-end SUVs or exotic cars, but all car owners can enjoy them in their cars. Our list covers all, from a portable speaker to a steering wheel cover; we have your back. So, let’s start with our innovative car accessories.

Bluetooth Portable Speaker



This handy Bluetooth portable speaker is all you need to stay in motion. Stay connected with your family and friends through the clear and crisp sound which connects to any Bluetooth-powered device. It would be best to charge the speaker, and you are ready to go. It provides up to three hours of good support. Blast your favorite tunes or connect to a movie. This speaker has the ultimate sound quality. 

Suppose you are not willing to use Bluetooth, no worries at all. This portable speaker also supports micro SD cards and USBs. It further supports the iPod and MP3 players supported by AUX cable. So when your playlist gets over, or you are not in the mood to list the songs on your smartphone, switch to FM and enjoy music with other activities. Another feature of these speakers is that it is waterproof. So whether out in the sun or by the poolside, you don’t have to worry about the speaker getting damaged. 

This speaker has an IPX 6-class waterproof rating, which means it is protected from high-pressure streams of water from various angles. The speaker has a built-in lithium battery which you can charge with a USB cable anywhere. The speaker looks very stylish, and it has a smooth base. A waterproof cloth mesh protects its exterior, and the control pad is protected with smooth silicone. It supports MP3, APE, AV, and FLAC-type files. The speaker is lightweight and handy, and you can carry it with you anywhere. 

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Indestructible Magnetic 3-in-1 Cable



This magnetic 3 in 1 cable is sturdy, compact, and reliable, powering up your smartphone or any other device when you need it. With this cable, you don’t have to fumble around for an extra charger cord, and it is sturdy enough to last longer. It is not only ideal for smartphones. You can also charge your cameras, digital GPS, and other devices. This indestructible magnetic cable is a treat for Apple users; you can use it for your iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices. 

You can also power up your Samsung, Google, and other devices. This cable has a unique charge design that allows you to charge any device from any angle. It has a 360-degree rotating cable that does not lead to any breakages in the cable and protects it from wear and tear. Now you don’t have to twist and turn your charging cable as it quickly gets fit on your charging port.

A small LED light indicator is placed on the cable, which lets you know where your smartphone is in the dark. When the cable is detached, the cord further illuminates to let you know where the cable is in the dark. These cables measure around 39.4 inches in length. It’s long enough to charge from your bed to the desk. Now, no more short cable troubles. We have that sorted for you with this magnetic 3 in 1 cable. 

Retro Player Car Air FreshenerRetro-Player-Car-Air-Freshener

Meet a breath of fresh air with this stylish retro player car air freshener. This record spinning shape is an ultimate solution to the traditional cube-shaped vent. This air freshener is just unique; it keeps fresh scents circulating throughout your car when the air conditioning is turned on. Its stunning design imbibes a wood and gold magnetic head, textured base, and vinyl record detailing, which takes you back in the times of record players and old classics. 

The freshener is made of natural wood, metal, and aluminum for a premium feel and look. Drive your car with a touch of 60s and 70s retro style. It is ideal for all your trips and modern sports coupe. The fragrances consisted of three different fragrance disks made up of aromatherapeutic scents. While giving fragrance, these scents also eliminate headaches or car fatigue throughout your ride. Feel fresh wherever you go, from the office to all your road trips. 

Universal Car Footstep


Now load and strap down cargo bags, boxes, canoes, kayaks, skis, snowboards, and bikes to the car roof with ease and safety. This universal car footstep provides safety leverage for better support that prevents accidents and injuries. If you are a cleanliness freak and don’t want your car to get a bit dirty, this is the best option. With this, you don’t have to step on the driver’s seat to get in your car. 

This car footstep measures 5.9×3.1 inches for perfect stepping support. It further eliminates the need to bring out step stools or ladders, which are a burden on you. To install this footstep, you don’t need any screws or bolts. As your car already has what it takes to hook up this step tool. Your car’s front door has a striker hook or plate, which is in the form of a D-shaped ring that sticks out. You need to hook your universal car footstep on this, and you are ready to go.

After this, unhook it further on the car’s rooftop. According to the government safety testing protocol in the US, every vehicle door latch must withstand a vertical force of 2500 pounds and a horizontal force of 2,000 pounds without failure. In addition, the universal footstep step supports an average human size with up to 440 pounds of support. Therefore, this footstep lets you step up confidently without falling or slipping. 

Breathable Cloth Steering Wheel Cover


Driving a car is not easy; on the road, you are exposed to various dangers which are unpredictable. Moreover, steering wheel mishandling can lead to various mishaps due to various other reasons. Our breathable cloth steering wheel cover ensures both your security and comfort while driving. With this, you get a grip on the steering while driving. In addition, it has a breathable textured cloth which provides better steering wheel control. 

The plastic or leather steering wheel may feel too slippery for you, and due to which your driving may get out of control. This cover is made up of cloth. Therefore, it provides a fantastic grip while driving and provides extra hold for you. In addition, this breathable cloth ensures all your steering wheel positions are on point. Whether you are holding the steering wheel at 9’o or 6’o o’clock position, this cover has a featured textured grip that mounts to provide cushion and a better hold for your hand. 

This cover measures around 15″ in diameter and fits all the standard steering wheels. This breathable mesh ensures a non-sticky, sweat-wicking construction for a supportive hold of the steering wheel. Despite its various outstanding features, its outlook adds a stylish look to your car. In addition, it provides a better grip and stronghold for long drives and provides easier driving. 

Clip-On LED Car Vanity Mirror


There are times when you are running late and get half-dressed and leave the other touch-up to perform in your car. This happens quite frequently. Right? If this is the case with you, we have a perfect solution for you. As you can’t bring your entire vanity in your car, we present you with the LED car vanity mirror clip. It has six inbuilt LED lights which provide optimum lighting for all your make-ups and touch-ups.

It is the best solution for your earliest morning till the gloomiest days. This mirror has two built-in clips, which allows for fuss-free clips on performance. A center touch activated button is also there, which provides one-touch on/off operations for light when you need it the most. The mirror measures around 5″ x6.9″ x1.2″, length, width, and diameter, respectively. The LED car vanity mirror provides more primping room than the standard car vanity mirror. 

This allows you to glam up anywhere, anytime. It is also the best gifting option for any girl or anyone who loves to pamper themselves with your usage. So give your family or friends this beautiful vanity mirror and see the magic on the go. 


This blog has tried to cover all the fantastic car accessories that will blow your mind on the ride. However, the list is not over yet; visit our website to grab on the intelligent accessories for your car. Supreme Auto City is delighted to present you with innumerable car organizers and intelligent accessories that make driving easy and assist you on the road. 

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