5 Reasons Why Magnetic Car Phone Holder Is A Need


The prime target should be their functionality when you wish to shop for car accessories. You will always want to grab car accessories products that are effortless to use and versatile but also offer you excellent value. A magnetic car phone holder is one of the most basic car accessories you can find these days. But what’s why you should purchase one, is it worth buying or not?

If you are looking for ease of access while driving your car, you need some care accessories worth buying, and one of them is a magnetic phone holder. Here are five reasons why you should buy these car accessories. However, people also ask can magnet car holder damage phone? So, the answer is straight no.

Having Access To Your Smartphone Anytime

While driving a car, you need to concentrate on the road the whole time. But if you want to make a phone call or are willing to listen to a podcast, it’s tough to do that if your smartphone is randomly sitting in your car. A great Magnetic Phone Holder is one of the most useful car accessories since you can place your smartphone in the holder and use it anytime you want. You don’t need to sweat about its unstable surfaces or drop your phone. Rather, your smartphone stays in one place at all times, and the advantages can be fantastic.

Visually Appealing

When it comes to a Magnetic Phone Holder, it looks appealingly awesome and adds to the aesthetics of your car. Most Magnetic Phone Holders come in a black color variant, so they suit your vehicle’s interior pretty nicely too. Above that, a Magnetic Phone Holder is made to be similar to an extension of your car. In fact, you get superb functionality and great value without sweating about any drawbacks.

Protecting your phone

The chief role of a Magnetic Phone Holder is to make your smartphone safe. And gratefulness to its magnetic attributes and performs its job pretty well. It safeguards your smartphone from shaking or going away. That simply means you can say adios to phone scratches or any similar problem. It’s a better idea, and it’s surely one of those car accessories that can create a big difference in order to safeguard your phone easily.

Enhanced Hearing 

With a great Magnetic Phone Holder, you can also find it convenient to hear persons speaking on the other side of the phone. The Magnetic Phone Holder can be mounted anywhere you wish, reducing difficulties when your smartphone is on the dash and moving around or on the passenger seat. The Magnetic Phone Holder keeps your smartphone in the ideal place, and that solely makes a big difference all the time.

Fewer Distractions

The Magnetic Phone Holder makes your smartphone stay in place so you can look at it easily, for a split second, while driving. A Magnetic Phone Holder helps so much since it avoids road distractions. You can still see messages and notifications or start phone calls while also concentrating on the road ahead.

Which Phone Holder Is Better?

When it comes to choosing one from a variety of car accessories, it becomes very tough for anyone. But we will try to help you select a better Magnetic Phone Holder for your car. Here is the distinction between two car Magnetic Phone Holders:

Car Phone Holders That Clasp Your Smartphone

This kind of Magnetic Phone Holder can primarily have either two or three arms that clasp the smartphone in your car, and the holder’s base differs between a suction cup to a CD slot or even an air vent clip. Generally, these smartphone car holders depend on the clamping forces to function to be certain. They utilize a variety of gears and springs to clamp your smartphone and keep it stable mechanically.

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Car Magnetic Phone Holders 

At the same time, there is another famous Magnetic Phone Holder for cars available in the marketplace. When we compare it with the first type of phone holder, it includes magnets inside, which eventually eliminates the mechanical clamps. In order to use it, you have to stick a circular metal ring or rectangular metal plate on the backside of your smartphone (or even phone case).

The metal plate pulled by the magnets in the holder keeps your smartphone safely in place.

Which One Is Easy To Use

For the first kind of car phone mount, you have to place your smartphone from the above gently, so the springs function precisely to clasp your smartphone inside your car. You need to do that all the time whenever you use it. After that, you need to prise off the phone mount clamps all on your own whenever you get off the car. Also, you need to do that the whole time.

Doesn’t it sound very problematic? If you have ever used a Magnetic Phone Holder for your car, you won’t bear the hassles of the first type.

You can simply “place” your smartphone on the Magnetic Phone Holder, and it will easily get fixed and be secure. Then, you need to simply grab and pull your phone off the holder when required. It’s so convenient and effortless.

Which One Is More Aesthetic?

A Magnetic Phone Holder for cars seems less clunky and much cleaner than those phone mount clamps.

Unlike the one with machinery arms, which can cover a big portion of your phone screen, the Magnetic Phone Holder provides you with an ideal view, which is crucial for safe driving. Also, it seems simple and super clean.

The Magnetic Phone Holder has no metal plate glued on the backside of your smartphone/case when you have the type 2 phone holder. It merely appears neat and uncluttered, while the type 1 one can completely ruin the appearance of your smartphone.

You likely already have read about challenges other users encounter on the web. When you want to charge your phone wirelessly by using a Magnetic Phone Holder, the sticker on the smartphone or phone case will create a hindrance in the energy transfer and can lead to problems like phone heat up, since the sticker, often metal, can consume some of the electromagnetic fields being used for wireless charging. 

What happens if you utilize a metal ring to safeguard your smartphone on a phone mount that clasps your phone and allows your smartphone to charge wirelessly rather? However, the location of the wireless charging aerials shifts between phones, and you never even know if you are placing the metal ring in the correct place or not. Even if you put it in the right location, you can’t make sure that you place your phone in the right location on the phone holder where the wireless charging works well. So, in this case, wireless charging can be interrupted. 

Which One Is The Best Magnetic Phone Holder For Cars

When going to shop for a Magnetic Phone Holder, you should look for various things such as its functionality, aesthetics, cost, and many more things in the queue. But don’t worry, we did the legwork for you. Here is the best magnetic car phone holder

Magnetic Car Phone Holder

When you turn on the streets or roads, does your smartphone turn with you? Are you sick of your phone displacement, or even worse — falling — off your phone mount or holder? Time to equip the power and efficiency of the magnetic force with our Magnetic Phone Holder for cars.

Final Words

Lastly, however, you shouldn’t use your smartphone while driving, but sometimes you have to. So, pick a great quality smartphone car holder to avoid the risk of accidents.

A Magnetic Phone Holder for a car is an ideal option because it has the simplicity and security of magnetic phone mounting and wireless charging at the same time. And this Magnetic Phone Holder is something you need right now. 

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